Pledge to value and respect ALL people

I Pledge to Value and Respect Every Person: *I pledge to value and respect every single person as I would expect to be treated. *I pledge to be vigilant in defending the dignity of all people, especially those with a developmental or intellectual disability, mental illness or substance use disorder. *I pledge to reject offensive remarks by getting involved in anti-stigma efforts that demonstrate and communicate the beauty and value in all people.  *I pledge to help end mental health stigma by educating our community and reduce myths surrounding disability issues. *I pledge to increase awareness of people with disabilities so they feel safe, respected and engaged in their communities.  *I pledge to always use person first language and avoid labels that fuel stigma. *I pledge to focus on the abilities and strengths of all people. *I pledge to encourage others to join me in creating a stigma-free culture that celebrates and embraces diversity.

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