Cost of living adjustment







Household of Another $514.00 $ 9.33* $523.33
Sharing/Independent $771.00 $14.00* $785.00
Personal Care/AFC $771.00 $157.50 $928.50
COUPLE-House of Another $771.34 $13.96* $785.30
COUPLE-Independent $1,157.00 $21.00* $1,178.00




*The payment of the state supplement to SSI is sent on a quarterly basis, by either a paper check or via direct deposit, from the Michigan government to recipients at the “Household of Another” and the “Sharing/Independent” rates.  Benefit payment checks (or direct deposits) are forwarded during the months of: March, June, September and December.  For persons receiving only an SSI supplement amount due to the presence of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits and/or earned income, the state supplement will not be paid.  Affected individuals must apply separately for Medicaid at a local Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (“DHHS”) office.


  1. The “personal needs income” or “incidental needs allowance” for 2019 remains at $44.00 per month for Adult Foster Care recipients (Personal Care). The monthly AFC payment for 2019 is $884.50.  The SSI personal allowance for residents of a nursing home is $30 federal and $7 state for total of $37.00.


  1. NOTE: The cost-of-living (“C.O.L.A.”) increase for either SSI or SSDI benefits is 2.8% for 2019.


  1. There is an additional State Medicaid Personal Care Supplement check that is paid directly to providers of Adult Foster Care. The amount is $250.92 (effective: 10/1/18) per month per resident.


  1. For concurrent recipients of SSI and SSDI (old age, survivors, widows, disability, and disabled adult child) benefits, the total of the two checks is $20.00 more than SSI alone for the specific living situation.


  1. The standard Medicare “Part B” monthly premium (i.e., single persons with annual incomes below $85,000, and married filing jointly below $170,000) for 2019 is $135.50. Some longer-term enrollees may pay less each month due to special “hold harmless” premium calculations.  If the state of Michigan pays the Part B premium due to your eligibility for Medicaid, the state will have to pay the $135.50.  Persons with higher annual incomes must pay a significantly higher monthly Part B premium.


  1. The SSDI Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) work earnings ceiling for 2019 is increased to $1,220.00 ($2,040.00 if recipient is blind). The Trial Work Period threshold for 2019 is now at $880.00.


  1. The 2019 SSI asset limits remain at $2,000.00 for an individual and $3,000.00 for a couple. The monthly SSI Student Exclusion for 2019 is $1,870 (annual limit is $7,550).


TFK/ssi/October 24, 2018