Recruitment Letter 2020_Page_2

Phase 1: • Local PAS Team Leader will recruit members as outlined. • Members commit to four day-long training and work sessions scheduled in your community. • Advancement Team’s application is completed and submitted • Applications are reviewed by the PAS core team and Teams will be notified.Phase 2: • An introductory session will include disability history, person-centered planning, independent facilitation, and the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) rules so that all Advancement Team members will begin the process with the same understanding of these topics. • A second session will focus on self-directed services with an overview of the process in use at their particular Community Mental Health. PAS Team members will identify barriers to be addressed. • In the third session, team members will develop a plan to address barriers. Additional topics will be customized for each group to focus on issues important to them.Phase 3: • The fourth session will review progress made by the local PAS team and plans to inform people about self-directed services • Technical assistance and support will be provided by the PAS staff and BHHDA to the Advancement Teams to help them: o Coordinate activities o Exchange information o Develop documentation o Change/Develop policies Assess progress on common