Recruitment Letter 2020_Page_3

The Local PAS Teams will: • Participate in PAS team meetings and work to improve their processes and policies for self-directed services • Promote self-directed services with people with I/DD, family and community, including those with high and complex support needs. • Provide education and training opportunities about self-determination for people with I/DD, including those who come from diverse backgrounds, those with high and complex support needs, Intermediate School District (ISD) students, their teachers and transition coordinators. • Participate in all PAS project evaluation activities, including, but not limited to data collection, focus groups, interviews, etc. Outcomes will include: • Increased yearly number of people using self-directed services in communities with a local PAS Team. • Increased satisfaction from those receiving services and greater ability to direct their lives. • Improved ability by local PAS Teams to support self-directed services. • Individuals with I/DD, including those with high and complex support needs, their family members, and allies have increased knowledge of person-centered planning, self-determination, and self-directed services • Adoption and implementation of standards and policies by MDHHS/BHDDA that ensure consistent, quality person-centered planning, resulting in people with I/DD directing their own supports and services. We hope you will join Partners Advancing Self-Determination to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities in your community. APPLY TO PARTICIPATE! Fill out the PAS Advancement Team Application electronically at [LINK] or send it by fax, or by postal service to: Jill Gerrie The Arc Michigan 1325 S. Washington Avenue Lansing, Michigan 48910 (517) 487-0029 voice (517) 487-0303 Fax