The Arc released the following statement on the need for
swift and substantial action in our society and from our nation’s leaders to dismantle
racism, end discrimination, and to honor, protect, and enforce the civil and
human rights of all people.

“The ongoing violence and police brutality against Black and Brown people in our country is unacceptable. We stand in solidarity with every person and community that is appalled by the homicide of George Floyd, and so many others before him. We stand in solidarity too with those who are taking action against the systemic racism that underlies this behavior. Racist attitudes and behavior should have no place in America.

the historical and everyday reality is that the lives and humanity of people of
color, and members of other marginalized communities, are too often not valued
and respected. The Arc renews its own commitment to social justice and the
dismantling of the systems of oppression and discrimination that further this
violence and neglect.

all must step up and speak out, including our nation’s leaders, to uphold the
rights of communities of color to be free from over policing, police brutality,
misconduct, harassment, and racism. To be silent is to be complicit,” said
Peter Berns, CEO, The Arc.

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