The Arc Michigan manages several statewide projects that provide training, support, and/or services. These projects are:

Dignified Lifestyles

Dignified Lifestyles has been funded by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) since 1987. Historically, this project has looked at the quality of life of people with developmental disabilities. Since October 2014, The Arc Michigan, together with participating Arc chapters, has trained a cadre of Person Centered Planning Site Reviewers who look at quality of life by interviewing individuals and/or their family or guardians about the quality of the person-centered planning progress for community mental health services.  The PCP Site Reviewers work as part of the team for the MDHHS Site Review.  For more information contact:

Ellen Sugrue Hyman Alward, Project Coordinator

800 292-7851 ext. 113

Leaders in Policy Advocacy

Leaders In Policy Advocacy (LIPA) is a leadership development program for adults with developmental disabilities and parents of minor children with developmental disabilities. The project trains and supports participants to become leaders in the disability rights movement.

More information is available at


or you can contact:

Salli Christenson, Project Coordinator

800 292-7851 ext. 130

Michigan Alliance for Families     

Michigan Alliance for Families provides information, support, and education for families who have children (birth through 26 years of age) who receive (or may be eligible to receive) special education services. Our goal is to increase the involvement of families in their children’s education. To do this, we offer learning opportunities across the state, leadership mentoring, and support.

More information is available at


or you can contact:

Your Regional Parent Mentor


Michigan Partners for Freedom

Michigan Partners for Freedom is a grassroots coalition of people with disabilities, family members, advocates, organizations and other allies working together to build statewide demand for self-determination. We uphold the principles of self-determination for all Michigan citizens: Freedom, Responsibility, Authority, Support and Confirmation.

More information is available at


or you can contact:

Jill Gerrie, Project Coordinator

800 292-7851 ext. 114

Pooled Amenities Trust

Financial planning is possible for people with disabilities and their families even though many people receive public benefits that put a strict limit on the amount of assets, or resources, that a person may have. A special needs trust offers a way to protect and manage resources for people with disabilities, without risking their benefits. There are differences that make a pooled trust better than a traditional trust for many people, particularly for families of modest means.   More information is available at

The Arc Michigan Pooled Amenities Trust 

or you can contact:

Cathy McRae, Project Coordinator

800 292-7851 ext. 119

Southeast Michigan Collaborative

The seven Arc chapters in Southeast Michigan, will assure that children and adults with disabilities can successfully access and utilize the crisis and basic needs support systems available to them and address a way of mobilizing community assets and partners to bring together the fragmented pieces of the service delivery system. More information is available at 

Collaborative of Southeast Michigan

Work Incentives Planning and Assistance

Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) is a step by step process to assist people with disabilities, receiving benefits from Social Security, with understanding how employment will affect their Medicare, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and other benefits they may receive. WIPA also helps beneficiaries to understand how they can increase their financial independence.

More information is available at


or you can contact:

Cathy McRae, Project Coordinator

800-292-7851 ext. 119


Michigan Family Voices

Michigan Family Voices is a grassroots collaborative that exists to identify and mobilize current and new family member and individual leaders to create a network across the state that will impact and affect positive change in policy.  The group will create and maintain a statewide network of Leaders to inform, build relationships with  and/or work in partnership with decision-makers at all levels

More information is available at

Michigan Family Voices

or you can contact:

800-292-7851 ext. 472