Partners Advancing Self-Determination

Apply NowPartners Advancing Self-Determination (PAS), in collaboration with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS ), and the Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration (BHDDA), will increase the availability and use of arrangements that support self-determination (S-D) for people with developmental disabilities in Michigan. Now recruiting Partners Advancing Self-Determination Teams! Team members will include (but are not limited to): • Community Mental Health Service Providers (CMHSPs or CMHs) • Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans (PHIPs) • Intermediate School Districts (ISDs) • People with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD), family members & allies • MRS (if applicable) • Service Providers (if applicable). Free state-level technical assistance, training, and support to local PAS Advancement Teams to improve Community Mental Health (CMH) processes to help make sure people can direct their own services. While the most intensive support will be provided to Advancement Teams during the first year, technical assistance will be available for the duration of the grant. • Support provided by PAS staff and BHDDA • Increase the satisfaction of people receiving services • Help CMHs meet new Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) requirements. In addition to improving supports at a local level, Partners Advancing Self-Determination will facilitate a state-level Advisory Council. With BHDDA, the Council will develop/refine state requirements and standards that ensure consistent, quality person-centered planning that results in changes in MDHHS/BHDDA policies, procedures, guidance, and technical assistance.


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Phase 1 • Advancement Team Leader will recruit members as outlined. • Members commit to four day-long training and work sessions scheduled in your community from March – September. • Advancement Team’s application is completed and submitted • Applications are reviewed by the PAS Core Team and Teams will be notified. Phase 2 • An introductory session will include disability history, person-centered planning, independent facilitation, and the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) rules so that all Advancement Team members will begin the process with the same understanding of these topics. • A second session will focus on self-directed services with an overview of the process in use at their particular Community Mental Health. Advancement Team members will identify barriers to be addressed. • In the third session, team members will develop a plan to address barriers. Additional topics will be customized for each group to focus on issues important to them. Phase 3 • Technical assistance and support will be provided by the PAS staff and BHHDA to the Advancement Teams to help them: o Coordinate activities o Exchange information o Develop documentation o Change/Develop policies o Assess progress on common goals o Provide mutual support

The Local PAS Teams will: • Promote self-directed services with people with I/DD, family and community, including those with high and complex support needs who communicate non-traditionally and/or come from diverse backgrounds. • Provide education and training opportunities about self-determination for people with I/DD, including those who come from diverse backgrounds, those with high and complex support needs, ISD students and their teachers and/or transition coordinators. • Participate in all PAS project evaluation activities, including, but not limited to data collection, focus groups, interviews, etc. • Participate in PAS team meetings and provide a method for information dissemination throughout their team membership • Develop relationships with ethnically diverse groups represented in their community to assure and improve cultural competence within their pilot team Outcomes will include: • Increased yearly number of people using self-directed services in communities with a PAS Advancement Team. • Increased satisfaction from those receiving services and greater ability to direct their lives. • Improved ability by Advancement Teams to support self-directed services, as indicated by the number of staff trained and the increased number of people directing their services. • Individuals with I/DD, including those with high and complex support needs, their family members, and allies have increased knowledge of person-centered planning, self-determination, and self-directed services as indicated by the number of people who request arrangements that support self-determination. • Adoption and implementation of standards by MDHHS/BHDDA that ensure consistent, quality person-centered planning, resulting in people with I/DD directing their own supports and services, as indicated by changes in policies, guidance, procedures and technical assistance. We hope you will join Partners Advancing Self-Determination to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities in your community. Apply to participate! Fill out the PAS Advancement Team Application electronically at [LINK] or send it by fax, or by postal service to: Jill Gerrie The Arc Michigan 1325 S. Washington Avenue Lansing, Michigan 48910 (517) 487-0303 Faxto apply to participate, please fill out the PAS Advancement Team Application electronically

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Michigan DD CouncilFunding for this project is from the Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council