Today, Members of the U.S. House
and Senate introduced the bipartisan National Coronavirus Commission Act of
2020. The proposed legislation seeks to create an independent, non-partisan
commission to assess the nation’s preparedness and response to the COVID-19
pandemic. The Commission would also make recommendations to improve readiness
in the future. The Commission has a specific charge to review the impact of
COVID-19 on people with disabilities.

The Arc supports the
bipartisan bill and believes establishing a National Coronavirus Commission is
important to ensure that as a country we fully understand the extraordinarily
detrimental impacts the pandemic has had on millions of people with
disabilities across the country. The pandemic continues to disproportionately
harm them. Recognizing where the country’s response has fallen short and
committing to doing better in the future is key to truly moving forward in a
way that is intentional and inclusive of people with disabilities.

“We are pleased
to support this important bi-partisan effort to ensure that we have a full
accounting of the National response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We specifically
thank Senators Menendez and Collins for ensuring that the Commission is charged
with reviewing the health and economic impacts of the pandemic on people with
disabilities, a population that is far too often overlooked in the face of crises,
this information will be vitally important,” said Nicole Jorwic, Senior
Director of Public Policy at The Arc.

We are hopeful
the bill will move swiftly through Congress as people with disabilities work to
rebuild their lives.

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