For Immediate Release

May 5, 2021
Contact: Stephanie Van Koevering, 517-974-6065

Direct Care Worker Wage Coalition Urges Full State Funding of Essential Care for Vulnerable Families

Permanent Wage Increase Essential for Michigan DCWs

After an important amendment to fully fund Michigan’s Direct Care workforce
wage increase was struck down in the state’s House Appropriations Committee
this morning, advocates and families are again calling for a permanent fix to
support caregivers over the long term.
State Rep. Felicia Brabec (D-Pittsfield Twp.) offered today’s amendment with the
support of several other Democrat committee members.
“We are incredibly grateful to Rep. Brabec and her colleagues for their initiative
and urge the full chamber to support this amendment when the budget reaches
the House floor,” said Robert Stein, general counsel for the Michigan Assisted
Living Association. “If not for the temporary increases passed to adequately
compensate Direct Care Workers during the past year, tens of thousands of our
state’s families would be facing tremendous hardship today. And if today’s
temporary increase is not extended into next year’s budget, these workers will
experience a drastic pay cut and likely leave our state’s most vulnerable residents
without the help they need.”
Michigan’s Direct Care Workers provide essential personal care, training,
emotional support and respite to an estimated 100,000 Michigan residents with
mental illnesses or developmental disabilities.
“This is truly about whether or not our state’s leaders are willing to again provide
much-needed funding where it can do the most good,” said Todd Culver, CEO of
Incompass Michigan. “We’ve got a huge population of people in need, and it only
makes sense to ensure we are protecting them by fully funding the workers who
provide their care.”