LIVING SITUATIONS                          FEDERAL           STATE         TOTAL


Household of Another                       $628.67           $ 9.33*           $638.00

Sharing/Independent                        $943.00           $14.00*          $957.00

Personal Care/AFC                           $943.00           $157.50          $1,100.50

COUPLE-House of Another                 $943.34           $13.96*          $957.30

COUPLE-Independent                        $1,415.00        $21.00*          $1,436.00




♦♦♦ The payment of the state supplement to SSI is sent on a quarterly basis, by either a paper check or via direct deposit, from the Michigan government to recipients at the “Household of Another” and the “Sharing/Independent” rates.  Benefit payment checks (or direct deposits) are forwarded during the months of: March, June, September and December.  For persons receiving only an SSI supplement amount due to the presence of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits and/or earned income, the state supplement will not be paid.  Affected individuals must apply separately for Medicaid at a local Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (“DHHS”) office.


  1. The “personal needs income” or “incidental needs allowance” for 2024 remains at $44.00 per month for Adult Foster Care recipients (Personal Care). The monthly AFC payment for 2024 is $1,056.50.  The SSI personal allowance for residents of a nursing home is $30 federal and $7 state for total of $37.00.


  1. NOTE: The cost-of-living (“C.O.L.A.”) increase for SSI and SSDI benefits is 3.2% for 2024.


  1. An additional State Medicaid Personal Care Supplement check is paid directly to providers of Adult Foster Care. Unless changed by the DHHS, this amount for 2024 remains set at $250.92 (effective: 10/1/18) per month per resident (see: ASM 077).


  1. For concurrent recipients of SSI and SSDI (old age, survivors, widows, disability, and disabled adult child) benefits, the total of the two checks is $20.00 more than SSI alone for the specific living situation.


  1. The standard Medicare “Part B” monthly premium (i.e., single persons with annual incomes below $103,000, and married filing jointly below $206,000) for 2024 is $174.70. Some longer-term enrollees may pay less each month due to special “hold harmless” premium calculations.  If the state of Michigan pays the Part B premium due to your eligibility for Medicaid, the state will pay the $174.70.  Persons with higher annual incomes must pay a significantly higher monthly Part B premium.


  1. The SSDI Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) work earnings ceiling for 2024 is increased to $1,550.00 ($2,590.00 if recipient is blind). The Trial Work Period threshold for 2024 is now at $1,110.00.


  1. The 2024 SSI asset limits remain at $2,000.00 for an individual and $3,000.00 for a couple. The monthly SSI Student Exclusion for 2024 is $2,290 (annual limit is $9,230).


TFK/ssi/January 2, 2024