Direct Care Workers Need Your Help

View In Browser The Michigan House and Senate Health and Human Services budgets were released late April, and neither includes wage increases for direct care workers (DCWs) in FY 2025. We all know DCWs are the backbone of the behavioral health system and deserve wages that reflect their skilled work and value!   The DCW […]

2024 SSI Rates

  EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2024, SSI RATES ARE ESTABLISHED AS FOLLOWS (see: RFT 248):   LIVING SITUATIONS                          FEDERAL           STATE         TOTAL   Household of Another                       $628.67           $ 9.33*           $638.00 Sharing/Independent                        […]


Today, Michigan people who use Direct Care Workers to support their overall wellbeing are stressed to the point of suffering. Those workers aren’t being paid enough to stay on the job. As a result, many people and families are heading toward a state of emergency. But how far away is the crisis? We need your […]

Groups In Opposition to Senate Bills 597 & 598

Community Mental Health Association of Michigan Groups in Opposition to Senate Bills 597 and 598 As of February 2, 2022 TAKE ACTION NOW! Disability and other Consumer Advocate Groups The Arc Michigan Association for Children’s Mental Health Michigan’s Children Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council Michigan Developmental Disabilities Institute Michigan Disability Rights Coalition Michigan United Cerebral Palsy […]

Michigan Behavioral Health Coalition

Michigan Behavioral Health Coalition   Here in Michigan, we’ve come a long way when it comes to helping people with mental illness and developmental disabilities live the way they want to. But there’s still much more to be done. Today’s network of behavioral health supports must change at the point of service delivery to make it easier for […]

We Want To Hear From You!

      We want to hear from you! Click below for a short survey (less than 10 questions) so we can learn about your experience with self-directing community mental health services. Respond to this survey if you are: Someone with a disability who receives community mental health supports A family member of an individual who receives […]

Please Support HB 4353 to Ensure All Copays Count

Michigan House of Representatives, For individuals living with rare and chronic conditions, like hemophilia, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis, the high cost of treatment has a direct impact on patient access. Many patients and their families rely on copay assistance programs from manufacturers and nonprofit organizations to afford the medications they need to […]