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What Michigan Needs Today


We urge Michigan leaders to sustain the temporary $2.00/hour increase, at minimum, and consider other options for providing compensation that reinforces the value of Direct Care Workers and represents a more competitive wage in today’s job market.


What Michigan Needs Tomorrow


In addition to providing adequate compensation to Michigan’s Direct Care Workers through the state budget, our state’s policy leaders can do more to stabilize and advance the profession by introducing a Direct Care Worker statute that includes:


  • Mandatory spending that is annually earmarked and tied to inflation;
  • A special fund to support direct worker training programs, ongoing professional development and the annual expense of mandated Direct Care Worker certifications;
  • Career pathways that can help workers grow and advance in the profession; and
  • A DCW Commission to support and grow the profession over time.


Count Me In!

I want to help ensure adequate compensation for the Direct Care Workers who support Michigan’s most vulnerable residents!


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